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Biodesign® Staple Line Reinforcement


Biodesign® Staple Line Reinforcement

Used for reinforcement of the gastric staple line during bariatric surgical procedures and also for buttressing and reinforcing staple lines during lung resection.

Reference Part Number Stapler
For Covidien Staplers
 C-SLRA-GIA30  Endo GIA® 30
 C-SLRA-GIA45  Endo GIA 45
 C-SLRA-GIA60  Endo GIA 60
 C-SLRA-TN45  Echelon™ 45
 C-SLRA-TN60  Echelon 60
 C-SLRA-TRI45  Tri-Staple® 45
 C-SLRA-TRI60  Tri-Staple 60
For Ethicon® Staplers
 C-SLRA-TCT-TLC55  Proximate® TCT 55/TLC 55
 C-SLRA-TCT-TLC75  Proximate TCT 75/TLC 75
 C-SLRA-EZ45  EZ 45
 C-SLRA-ECH45  Echelon 45
 C-SLRA-ECH60  Echelon 60
 C-SLRA-SC60  Echelon 60

* NOTE: Sold in boxes of 5.  
C-SLRA-TN45 is also available for the Endo GIA 45 stapler. 
C-SLRA-TN60 is also available for the Endo GIA 60 stapler.
Echelon, Ethicon and Proximate are trademarks of Johnson & Johnson.
Endo GIA, GIA and Tri-Staple are registered trademarks of Covidien LP.

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