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Mencini Double Balloon Hysterosalpingography Catheter


Mencini Double Balloon Hysterosalpingography Catheter

Used for diagnostic studies and/or to access the uterine cavity for fallopian tube catheterization procedures.  

  • The silicone dual-balloon design allows for stabilization and occlusion at both the internal and external cervical ostia.  
  • Metal stiffening cannula with malleable tip is fitted inside the catheter for shaping and ease of introduction.  
  • Sidearm adapter on the Check-Flo Performer® valve facilitates introduction of contrast medium and prevents fluid reflux.  
  • Lumen allows you to introduce catheters or other instruments up to 6.0 Fr into the uterine cavity.
Reference Part
Fr Length
Proximal Silicone Balloon
Volume mL
Distal Silicone
Balloon Volume mL
 DBH-100 14.0 22 25 5

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