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Intrauterine Access Balloon Catheter


Intrauterine Access Balloon Catheter

Used for injection of contrast medium into the uterus and fallopian tube(s) for hysterosalpingography or injection of methylene blue during laparotomy for tuboplasty and/or tubal anastomosis.  

  • Catheter is angled and semirigid to allow cervical passage.  
  • Soft, silicone balloon occludes the internal cervical os.  
  • Lumen allows you to introduce catheters or other instruments up to 6.0 Fr into the uterine cavity.  
  • Sidearm adapter on the Check-Flo Performer® valve facilitates the introduction of contrast medium and prevents fluid reflux.  
  • Includes an obturator and a 3 mL syringe.  
Reference Part
Fr Length
Balloon Volume
 J-IAB-090023 9.0 23 2

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