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Treatment Abroad Services


Treatment Abroad Services

Our service aim is to help the patient from Kuwait to Kuwait.

  • We are following with the patient in Kuwait after getting approval to get his appointment at the hospital selected.
  • We wait for the patient at the airport at the time of arrival to transport him to his hotel, also from the hotel to the hospital at the day of appointment
  • We are offering an Arabic translator to be with the patient through the whole treatment.
  • We are following with London office to finalize all related papers for the patient.
  • We are advising the patient and his family for their accommodation at the city during and after treatment.
  • We are finalizing all related papers for the patient after reviving his treatment to go back to Kuwait.

We are dealing with North England hospitals in:

  • Newcastle
  • Leeds
  • Chester


In Newcastle we have the following hospitals:

1. Great North Children hospital:
Dedicated hospital for children treating most of the cases, including:
BMT, Orthosurgery, Oncology, Neurology

2. Freeman hospital:
Includes the children heart unit with a pediatric intensive care unit
For treating congenital heart diseases

3. Northern center for cancer care:
Treat all types of cancer including: Brain, liver, thyroid and bones.
Include first ever Primatom machines, and one of the first Tomotherapy machines.

4. The institute of transplantation:
Has a long experience in the live liver transplant, with a success rate > 90%


In Leeds we have the following hospitals:

1. Leeds general infirmary:
Center of Excellency for Cardiology (open heart surgery) and Blood cancer
(Leukemia, thalassemia ...)

2. Nuffield health Leeds hospital:
A general hospital with a perfect team of consultants and nursing team, in all specialties including:
- Cardiology: cardiac surgery, open heart surgery.
- Orthosurgery: Hip and knee replacement, trauma, spine surgery.
- General surgery
- Urology
- pediatrics

3. Spire Leeds hospital:
Another general hospital with the perfect consultants in all fields, among them is Professor Peter Lodge for liver cancer cases.
- This is beside the following departments: Cardiology: cardiac surgery, open heart surgery, Orthosurgery: Hip and knee replacement, trauma, spine surgery, General surgery, Urology, cancer, pediatrics

4. St James's institute of oncology:
One of the largest cancer centers in England and Europe, for treating all types of cancer including: liver, kidney, bones, lymph
The radiotherapy department includes 13 accelerators at Bexley wing, so no much waiting


In Chester we have one neurological rehabilitation center.

1. St Cyril's rehabilitation center:
- This center is treating adults for: Neuromuscular disorders, Structural trauma, Stroke, Multiple sclerosis, Physiotherapy

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