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Cook® Balloon Cervical Cannula


Cook® Balloon Cervical Cannula

Used for injection of contrast medium or dyes into the uterus and fallopian tube(s) for hysterosalpingography or evaluation of tubal patency.  

  • Silicone dual-balloon design occludes the internal cervical os and provides stability at the external cervical os.  
  • Lumen allows you to introduce catheters or other instruments up to 6.0 Fr into the uterine cavity.  
  • Sidearm adapter on the Check-Flo Performer® valve facilitates introduction of contrast medium and prevents fluid reflux.  
Reference Part
Fr Length
Proximal Silicone
Balloon Volume mL
Distal Silicone
Balloon Volume mL
 J-CBCC-120018 12.0 18 5 3

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