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Bush SL™ Ureteral Illuminating Catheter Set (single lumen)


Bush SL™ Ureteral Illuminating Catheter Set (single lumen)

Used for transillumination to identify the ureters during laparoscopic or open surgical procedures. Helps to minimize potential trauma to the ureter. The light fiber extensions can be disconnected from the catheter to allow for scope removal after catheter placement.

CAUTION: High-energy light sources such as xenon may cause the anodized aluminum light plug to overheat. An adapter, which is available for most light sources, will ensure product safety and functionality.

Reference Part
Fr Length
Light Fiber
Length cm
Two Catheters with
Light Source Plugs
 084100 5.0 80 130
Two Catheters with
Common Light Source Plug
 084120 5.0 80 130

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