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Adelphi Group


Adelphi Group

The Adelphi Group of Companies has grown organically and through a handful of strategic acquisitions, and today incorporates four independent but complimentary divisions, with a combined turnover of almost £15m.

The Group remains family owned and managed, now in it’s third generation. This continuity of ownership has promoted a stability that is valued by their suppliers, staff and customers alike. Many of their relationships date back over decades, and are built on mutual respect and above all else, trust.

The four Adelphi divisions are based in a modern, purpose built facility in Haywards Heath, on land that is wholly owned by the Group. Energy efficiency and environmental responsibility are of great importance to us and with this in mind, they have invested heavily in low energy lighting, high quality insulation, rainwater harvesting, and photovoltaic panels that produce more power than they use.

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