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TAREQ COMPANY-“Lifecare Business Unit” proudly presents outstanding homecare products for the welfare of Kuwait’s residents supported by our trusted service support. Our vision is to create a healthy nation by developing Tareq Co. as a “One Stop Shop “for all Lifecare & Homecare needs! Our products are reliable, high quality and 100% safe as certified by international agencies. We deal with globally renowned brands who support us by providing great solutions and services.

Our Values

  • “Customer First” approach
  • Driven by results
  • Passion to excel
  • Commitment to Care


Presenting a world-class Vehicle Lift for the wheelchair users, disabled patients and the senior citizens. Specially made for safe and comfortable travel! Now you can enjoy the outdoors and live life without limits!

  • Fully Automatic lift fitted in vehicles for transporting wheelchair and scooter users.
  • 100% Made in Italy. 100% safe. Different models available based on requirement.
  • Split platform offers easy movement & better rear-view for drivers.
  • Digital controls & Emergency backup for added safety.
  • High lifting capacity meant for all types of passengers.
  • Smooth fitting inside most famous passenger Vans
  • Warranty support from Tareq company
  • Free Installation done in Kuwait.

We are proud to introduce the World’s First Fully Portable and Wearable Airway Clearance System. German-engineered and already widely adopted in Europe VibraVest (known as AffloVest in the USA) is the lightest, first truly portable High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation (HFCWO) vest, now available in Kuwait. VibraVest provides treatment of respiratory diseases like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Cystic Fibrosis, Chronic Bronchitis, and similar related ailments. Unlike other HFCWO vests, the VibraVest features built-in oscillating compressor modules that allow for freedom of movement to travel, go for a walk in the park, move around the house, or relax in front of the television.

The VibraVest is a physician prescribed oscillation treatment device. Respiratory patients should consult their physician to determine how VibraVest can help. Treating respiratory diseases with the VibraVest is as simple as putting on a button up shirt. The patient merely slips the vest on, buckles three clips on the front of the vest, and tightens the straps to ensure a secure fit. Then, depending on individual treatment needs, the patient chooses one of nine possible settings using a handheld control attached to the right side of the vest. A battery pack fixed to the right side of the vest provides power for mobile treatments.

The VibraVest also includes an A/C to D/C adapter which allows the vest to be powered indefinitely from a home outlet should longer treatment periods be required or a charged battery unit is not available for use.

Freedom of Movement

Lightweight and non-restrictive, the VibraVest leaves the user fully mobile during treatments. Users can go for a walk in the park, move around the house, or relax in front of the television.

  • Postural independence; because of the unique integral module system, the treatment does not vary with the patient’s position, unlike other HFCWOs on the market. Treatments can be administered while sitting, standing, or laying down. (Thisis a great feature for patients with ALS or Muscular Dystrophy.)
  • Rechargeable battery pack with several hours of life
  • Weighs only ten pounds, making it the lightest oscillation vest on the market
  • Easy to store and easy to carry; perfect for the respiratory patient who travels
  • Available in 5 sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL)

Ease of Use

The VibraVest puts complete control of treatments in the patient’s hands.

  • Nine total setting variations let patients choose their own level of treatment
  • Three modes of oscillation treatment (Drainage, Vibration, Percussion)
  • Three adjustable intensity levels (Soft, Medium, Intense)
  • Quiet during operation
  • AC/DC power option allows users to recharge the vest at home or in the car

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Doctors recommend HFCWO vests for their effectiveness in providing airway clearance.
Tareq Co. “Lifecare Business Unit” also offers various other products for Homecare, Clinics and Hospital Departments. We have specialized products for Tracheostomy & Laryngectomy care from SERVONA GmbH GERMANY –with world’s best selling Electrolarynx SERVOX digital. Our Asthma care range includes high quality products from CLEMENT-CLARKE, UK. We also offer products like Hospital Ventilator, Portable and Stationary Nebulizer, Ultrasonic Nebulizer, Suction machines, Spirometry, NHFT (Nasal High Flow O2 Therapy), Pulse oximeters,Airway Clearance devices etc.

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